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Do you want to earn, but don't know how to do it? Do you look for well-functional investment schemes? Sign up in CryptoZavr Ltd and start mining cryptocurrency or dollars in the cloud-based mode!

You do not need to collect your "farm" and pay for electric power. Earn up to 2.2% of the invested funds every day! Enjoy passive income with instant payouts.


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1.3% IN A DAY

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1.5% IN A DAY

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1.7% IN A DAY

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Amount of investment:

2.2% IN A DAY

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∞ $

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Work days: 108
Number of partners: 14769
Online partners: 7
Number of Top-ups: $ 128 901.98
Number of conclusions: $ 9 084.77
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The start of the CryptoZavr investment platform.

Today (March 24) we are announcing the launch of the CryptoZavr cloud mining service. The CryptoZavr mining farm is equipped with modern equipment that provides efficient cryptocurrency mining using a number of algorithms. Each u...

Customer help
Activities of the company CRYPTOZAVR LTD

CRYPTOZAVR LTD is a world leader among cryptocurrency mining companies. Our company implements mining of popular and promising cryptocurrencies. It also provides all partners with favorable conditions for investment.

How to start earning cryptocurrency?

In order to start earning, you need to register. After registration you will receive a bonus of 1 Th / s, equivalent to 1$.

What is the rate of 1 Th / s?

1 Th/s = 1$.

How often is earnings accrued?

Earnings accrued every second.

What cryptocurrencies can be mined in our company?

Our company provides an opportunity for mining of such currencies as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USD.

Can I get several currencies at the same time?

You yourself manage the resources of your mining, thereby having the opportunity to choose one or more of the available currencies at the same time.

What is the profit from my investment?

Daily income from 1% to 2.2%. The amount of profit depends on the total number of capacities acquired by you. Tariff plans are located on the main page of our site.

How to calculate the profit?

You can always calculate your income using a special calculator located on the main page of the site. You can calculate the estimated profit by specifying the amount of the investment and the desired currency.

Is there a charge for using the equipment?

CRYPTOZAVR LTD provides a net profit, and all maintenance costs are already included in the purchase price of the facilities.

Do I need to be online for mining?

Cryptocurrency mining takes place on a mining farm. That is why the earnings of the cryptocurrency does not depend on your presence, you can safely leave your device turned off. If in your account your capacity is set for the extraction of currency, then you will receive the established profit.

Ways to replenish the balance.

To replenish the balance, you need to: in the "Account balance" section of your account, click on the "replenish balance" button, and then indicate the amount to be replenished and the payment method. You can replenish the balance in the following ways: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinSV, PerfectMoney, Payeer. When replenishing with the help of cryptocurrencies, the balance will be credited automatically after three confirmations of the system, and when replenishing with the help of payment systems - instantly.

The minimum amount to replenish the balance.

The minimum balance replenishment amount is $ 8.

The life of the acquired capacity.

The cryptocurrency mining power acquired by the investor works for unlimited time.

Is there a possibility of selling / exchanging acquired capacity?

At the moment, it is impossible to sell or exchange the acquired capacity. In the future, our company plans to launch a site for the purchase and sale of capacities.

Is it possible to buy power on funds earned through mining?

With the money you earn, you can make a minimum purchase of 5 Th / s ($ 5). For this purchase, you will receive a 5% replenishment bonus in this way.

Ways to withdraw earnings.

You can withdraw profit on: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer.

Minimum withdrawal amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount is: 0.0011 Bitcoin, 0.015 Litecoin, 300 dogecoin, $ 0.5 (PerfectMoney, Payeer).

How fast is the withdrawal of earnings?

Withdrawal applications are processed instantly, automatically. If you have difficulty, you can create a ticket.

Is there a commission for replenishment and withdrawal of the balance?

CRYPTOZAVR LTD does not charge a fee for replenishment and withdrawal operations.

The principle of the affiliate program.

Our company has a 3-level affiliate program. Affiliate rewards are in the form of funds spent by your referrals to purchase capacities. The profit from referrals is: 6% from purchases by referrals of the 1st level, 3% from purchases by referrals of the 2nd level and 2% from purchases by referrals of the 3rd level. Referral rewards are credited to a separate affiliate account, their withdrawal is carried out manually within 24 hours after the application. You can also find everything in your account in the affiliate program section: referral link, statistics of your referrals, as well as affiliate balance and its withdrawal.

Actions required when losing a password.

In order to recover your password, you need to: Click on the “Login” button on the main page of the site, then select the “Forgot Password” section, then indicate your username and email address that you used during registration. After that, new data about your account will be sent to your mail.

Support Schedule

In our company, the support service works around the clock, when contacting through a ticket - the average response time is 2 hours, when contacting by e-mail, the average response is 8-12 hours.

E-mail: [email protected]

CRYPTOZAVR LTD, Company number 12442290,
3 Bordesley Street, Birmingham, West Midlands,
United Kingdom, B5 5PG